"Oh my goodness, the video is so wonderful. We just watched it twice in a row and just can't stop smiling about it."

Get to Know Dahlia

Before there was Maloch Media, I was teaching high school kids all the cool math things. I loved it... the students sometimes not so much though. 10+ years ago I started a student news broadcast as an after school program. My passion for filmmaking grew and grew. I fell in love with filming couples stories beautifully.

My gorgeous wife, Kim and I have one boy and three younger daughters, and I am all about capturing every moment of their lives. When filming my couple's wedding day I want the film to last the ages, something you want to show off to everyone and then maybe even your kids someday. 

I'm here for the moments that matter, captured beautifully. 

Meet Trevor Maloch

COntact me

A beautifully, heartfelt, and personal videographer experience.

The Experience

Bethany + Kurt

"❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!!! Love being able to relive best day of my life. 🥰 Was on the fence about having a video but now I am so thankful that the memories are so perfectly preserved! You are the bomb!"

Kaelyn + Keegan

"Oh my! I think I've watched our video 50+ times at this point. I can't stop watching it! It's beyond what I could have ever thought!"