"I want your video to transport you back to that day with all of those special moments and emotions"

My name is Trevor Maloch and I believe in having memories captured beautifully. When I'm not filming or editing I am with my 4 kids and wife Kim. I am the stay-at-home daddy, and it is hard work, but they are my people. They definitely know me to have a camera out most of the time. Kim and I's favorite thing to do sometimes at night is to binge watch our camera rolls or footage from my hard drives of our kiddos. We love the memories we are making with them and the ability to relive them. 

4 quick facts:
1. I am originally from California
2. Wrestled in college
3. Super comic nerd
4. Taught high school math for 7 years

Your memories are worth capturing, now let me capture them beautifully.

Meet Trevor